Gustav II Adolf

Gustav II Adolf was born on 9 December 1594 in Stockholm at the castle three crowns. He traveled first over sea when he was 6 years old. Unduly defer when he was a teenager, he received a military training of his father's military court, which mostly consisted of foreign officers. He married November 25, 1620 by Mary Elinor of Brandenburg. He had three children but one child died at birth notice and another was appointed Count Gustav Gustavsson af Wasa Borg. Gustav Gustavsson was born to King Gustav II Adolf's mistress input he met Mary Elinor of Brandenburg. The last child was Christina or Queen Christina as she later became known as. Gustav II Adolf had a brother named Charles Philip.

Gustav II Adolf responsible for the Vasa ship fiasco!

Gustav II Adolf is responsible for one of the biggest fiasco. He was responsible for the Vasa ship capsizing.

He was so mad that he forced them to build two floors but the builder wanted to
have 1. But again dared to say to the king, so when the ship was clearly launched the
and drove off on its maiden voyage. The sails were hoisted and the Vasa heeled over. they
open gun slots took in water. Wasa became so heavy that when it got a little
gust of wind capsized Wasa.

So you would execute the one who made Wasa into a fiasco, but they dared not say it was the King who was responsible, so no one was executed.

 Gustav II Adolf is killed in Lützen
Gustav II Adolf died in 1632 at Lützen. He died when he was
shot in the arm and rode back to camp, but some soldiers knew
him and shot him in the back. He fell off and the soldiers came and shot
him in the back. When we later looked at skelletet and noticed he had an eye disease and that he rode in a squad when he was on his way back to camp. When his wife found out she fainted of fear. He was buried in Riddarholmskyrkan in Stockholm.

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