Vasa ship

Vasa ship was built during the time when the navy needed more ships. When the year was about 1620 when King Gustav II Adolf had been king for 10 years and 13-year war was in full swing. Gustavus Adolphus was thinking that the fleet needed more ships. So he can easily build four ships for the Navy. 2 were small and 2 large (Vasa ship was one of the major). The 2 large would be the Vasa and the second would heat three crowns. Vasa ship was named after the Vasa family. It dropped about 1,000 oak trees just to Vasa ship could be built. They begun in 1626th The builder was from Holland and was named Henry Hybertsson. Initially it was decided that the Vasa ship would have a gun deck but the King Gustav II Adolf wanted 2 gun deck. If it would work, it was a terrible war machine. It had 32 cannons on each side and 48 of them were 24-pounders (big guns). Henrik Hybertsson had no drawings so he built a lot of sculptures and had too many guns.

The ship sank because it was built for small and had too many guns, so when försjunks focus too much up. When the Vasa ship sank, there were nearly 150 people and 30 drowned. Vasa sank on Sunday, August 10, 1628 when it was about to get soldiers. When in full sail towards the soldiers heaved Vasa and the open gun slots took in water and more water at last she became so heavy that she capsized.

That was how it was a trial you would execute it as designed so they went down. But in fact it was none other than King Gustav II Adolf. But you could not execute Henrik Hybertsson for he died shortly before the Vasa ship's maiden voyage in 1628 the castle Three Crowns. They were also Admiral Fleming who tested Vaasa by allowing 30 soldiers running back and forth across the deck. For the third time tossing it so violently that it nearly sank in the harbor. Then he easily cancel the task but did not dare tell the king that his stately ship would sink at the dock.


At the time, guns are expensive, so Albrecht von Treileben got to them first appeared in a thing called clock costume after the guns and towed them to shore where they could be used in the 13-year war. In 1961 April 24, the Vasa ship to Stockholm. Vasa restored and on both the port and where the Vasa ship is now built in the museum

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